Sorry I can’t come to the phone...I’m too busy standing in the doorway of my kitchen waiting for the quarantine light to hit just right Outfit ✨ Thank you @smartandsexysocial for this exquisite lace bodysuit!! 🖤 • • • #gifted #hawaiifashion #asiangirls #asianstyle #whatiworetoday #ootdinspiration #prettylittleinspo #ootdmagazine #petitefashion #petitefashionblogger #outfitgoals #realoutfitgram #dosesofstyle #trendyoutfits #asianblogger #americanstyle #asianbaddazz


Queen of rap claims her throne 😩🥺


imo these sunglasses are the new version of clout goggles 😎


I wrote a cute caption. Then I deleted it. Stay strong, kids.


outfit 😍 Like I love this kimd of sexy casual yet high street fashion designs! . . . . . . . . #lovethislook #styletrends #stylepost #whowhatwear #realoutfitgram #imwearingri #inthestyle #boohoofashion #fbloggersuk #fblog #beautifulapparel #monkistyle #nakdfashion #ootdfash #outfitmodel_


The moment I stepped out to take a picture is when my Mother screamed “WHERE YOU GOING” all sudden I’m 12 again


99/366 ”You can’t expect yourself to go from a negative mentality to a positive one overnight, but every time you correct a bad thought you are growing! So focus on your growth, not the fact that you aren’t “there” yet.” -via Warmpositivity (tumblr) //fun fact: while traveling in japan and Korea, my friend and I kept passing this one drink place and we were like “meh there’s other options” or we were already in a tight schedule. tHEN, we started seeing it all over our feeds. for instance, both Marzia and the entirety of Monsta X got it :’-(. when all hope was lost, we stumbled upon a location in Taiwan, the OG location, after grocery shopping and we were like we gotta go!! I ended up getting their fresh strawberry latte w panna cotta cream and it was so good 😍. I miss the food in Asia... and eating out in general tbh😪. Hang in there everyone!! What type of food/dish/drink have you been craving recently? // tee: @bts.bighitofficial/ pants: @unif @weareunif via @buffaloexchange/ shoes: @filausa/ bag: @tokyo_disneysea. —— follow @clothes.jpeg for more daily content! #wearetothe9s #unif #discoverunder10k #realoutfitgram #stylewatch #weareunif #btsmerch #realoutfitgram #ootdinspiration #filastyle #bts #outfitoftheday #fashionaddict #穿搭 #whatimwearing #tumblrootd #koreanfashion #classystyle #fashionblogger #filausa #machimachi #machimachitaiwan #taipeiootd #winniethepooh #disneysea


When Brielle came back from her dad’s house, she asked me if she could meal plan and make dinners for the week and I happily obliged. I’ve showed her the cooking tricks and things I had since forgotten about that my mom showed me like making your own Alfredo sauce and breading pork chops. Last night we made our own marinara from scratch (the jarred stuff is scarce these days). We made our own Easter egg dye and dyed Easter eggs as a family. Almost everything that I can make from scratch, I have. And this has reminded me that it can be done. My mom and grandmother never made anything from a box—not cake or mashed potatoes and certainly no TV dinners. I’m so grateful that I learned these things from those women and can now pass them on to my daughter, who is eager to learn. She even made Brussels sprouts and they were the perfect mix of crunch and softness. Truth be told I had gotten too busy and too lazy to make a lot of things from scratch. I’ll never take for granted the ease of some ready made items like marinara sauce but I’ll also never take for granted the time, love and care that can go into cooking. Style inspiration: @selenagomez Clothes donated: 157 Clothes bought: 27


How we dress for supermarket now 🛒 Shop the Square Toe Slingback Low Heels on @dadarara 🔍S00006393


#cardib had over 124k views with herself alone on ig live, we truly miss her! 🥺💛 📸: @iamcardib


Giant chunk of my day is me in the kitchen reminding myself I just ate - Mazel Tov to everyone celebrating Passover today 🥰


Por el aquí y el ahora 🙌🏻 @islafuerteecohouse


I used to post travel photos to reminisce. Now I post grocery photos 🥬🥒🍅🍆🌽🥑🥦🥕


When laundry day becomes the most exciting day of my week! 😝 👚👖(P.S. can you spot the ❤️ in my socks?) And tell me- what’s the best thing that you’ve done all week? . 👚 @sheinofficial (use Flor15 for a discount!) 📷 @ccphkg


These are strange times, and it’s difficult some days to keep our heads up. It’s even more difficult after learning that Bernie Sanders ended his campaign today. So I’m going to follow Granny’s advice and count my blessings. I’m thankful for my family’s health during this time. I’m thankful to have a job that is minimally affected by the pandemic. I’m thankful for our beautiful planet and that sustainability is becoming mainstream. I’m thankful for the beautiful day when this picture was taken and that I got to visit a place I have such fond childhood memories of. I’m thankful to have this platform to express myself and connect with others. And, of course, I’m thankful to have a pack of crazy dogs to give me a little comic relief each day. Reflecting on my blessings always helps me to refocus on the good things in life. What is something you are thankful for today?


Got dressed today to make sure my pants still fit 🤣 Has anybody else been doing that lately? My sweater is an amazon find and it is only $15, it is not very warm so it is the perfect spring sweater! http://liketk.it/2MGA9 @liketoknow.it #liketkit #StayHomeWithLTK #LTKspring


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